What if your “X” was a plagiarist-#2?

How would you feel if your LAWYER plagiarized their way through law school?

What if your “X” was a plagiarist-#1?

How would you feel if your BRAIN SURGEON plagiarized their way through medical school?

They’re NOT plagiarists #2

Dick Fosbury.   His “flop” certainly wasn’t!  They all followed him!

They’re NOT plagiarists #1

Ben & Jerry  

Imagine if they’d just copied their competitors. Imagine if they’d just copied vanilla!

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Poetry and Plagiarism

It’s lighting up twitter today!

Here’s the article at The Guardian. 

The New Academic Year

Labour day weekend. Sunday morning, 8am. 

And campus is filling with SUVs loaded with new students, parents and the “essentials”.

Little do they know that in 3 months, it’ll be final exams with a bunch of papers due. 

A time, when some feel compelled to throw academic integrity out of the window and borrow a “friend’s” lab report.

No big deal, you might say. But what if you’re in the race too? And your late nights in the library get you an “A”, while your lab report borrowing colleague gets an A+. How would you feel about that?

Plagiarism3D the Movie

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The movie shows Plagiarism running in real time - it actually does everything in 3 mins.


Working on the 3rd version. Well, the 3rd set of software for creating it!  How can these packages be so bad?

OK, I’m not a web-coder, not a coder at all…   But it should be INTUITITVE and easy to use…  just like Plagiarism3D :-)

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